Businesses ‘not taking action on ESOS’

Businesses ‘not taking action on ESOS’

Despite high awareness within businesses of the upcoming ESOS deadline, the majority of those affected are yet to take action according to new research.

The third annual edie Energy Management report conducted 381 interviews with those responsible for energy management within their organisations and found that more companies are accepting the need to audit energy use.

But despite 82 per cent of respondents showing a high awareness of the upcoming ESOS deadline, 39 per cent of those affected are yet to take action to comply with the regulations.

In this year’s survey, of those respondents who had heard of ESOS, 53 per cent were increasing in-house measurement and reporting and 18 per cent were undertaking ISO 50001. The report states: “that is significant – but by no means all the companies who should be in accord with the new regulation. Only 39 per cent of companies have started work on engaging the required lead assessor.”

The report also found employee engagement behaviours change and technology upgrades are the key areas that businesses are focusing on.

Although funding remains the biggest barrier to increasing energy efficiency, states the report.

The results reveal a vibrant sector, with UK organisation continuing to see the value of energy efficiency. In fact, the message appears to be strengthening and there is significant and increasing interest among companies in investing in efficiency initiatives.