Compliance365 to install new energy saving pumps for leading pub chain

Compliance365 to install new energy saving pumps for leading pub chain

By simply upgrading to ecoFLO pumps, a large pub company is expected to see energy savings of £443 on one of its properties!

With an estimated payback period of only 13 months, this property will start seeing savings very soon. Compared to the remote beer chiller pumps that the pub is currently using, the ecoFLO pumps, which operate using hydrocarbon, will consume 42% less energy, saving the pub an estimated £443. As well as this, ecoFLO pumps last approximately 7.5 years longer than standard pumps and have a variable speed drive which reduces the amount of energy on the refrigeration circuit.

For pub landlords, who will be fully aware of the high energy prices, making this small adjustment would make a large difference to the energy consumption and spend within their properties.

As well as delivering the pub with energy savings of £443, the new pump system will also enhance the quality of the beer. The pumps are fitted with smart controls which can be pre-set to reflect the trading hours of the site. This ensures that the pump is kept at the correct temperature which helps to maintain a quality taste.

This is a positive example of how pub landlords can make minor changes to their properties and work towards becoming more energy efficient, without having to invest too much of their time or money into it.