Are you compliant with the MEPS legislation?

Are you compliant with the MEPS legislation?

From April 2018, all rental properties which require an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) in accordance with the 2012 Energy Performance Building Regulations, will be affected by new legislation known as Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS).

Under the MEPS legislation, it will be unlawful to let residential or commercial properties with an EPC raring of F or G, until their energy efficiency has been addressed.

Compliance365 have five top tips to ensure you become compliant with the legislation.

  1. Start complying now – don’t leave it until the last minute!

You may be required to undertake energy efficient improvements on your property, therefore starting compliance now will help to ensure you complete improvements within plenty of time.

  1. Do not assume you are safe with an E rating

Your property may have received an E rating previously, however testing has become tougher, therefore your property may now fall below the minimum standards.

  1. Aim for at least a D rating

Aiming for a D rating will protect you against potential legislations in the future!

  1. Don’t assume energy efficient improvements are going to be expensive

Compliance365 will budget the implementations, ensuring you install the most cost-effective improvements for your property

  1. 2018 will be the first EPC’s 10-year anniversary

2018 will mark the first year in which EPC’s expire, make sure you check those expiry dates to ensure you will remain compliant come next year!

Compliance365 are here to help you begin to put the necessary changes in place, in order to become compliant in good time before the deadline approaches. To find out more click here, or send us an email to