Landlords have only 2 months left to become compliant

Landlords have only 2 months left to become compliant

As of 1st April, landlords will not be able to let properties with an EPC rating of F or G, under new Minimum Energy Performance Standards legislation.

As a landlord, you’re probably tired of hearing about the Minimum Energy Performance Standard Legalisation (MEPS) however, you now only have 2 months left to become compliant.

Although 2 months might sound like plenty of time to some of you, it may not be a long time to implement potential upgrades which you might need to install to increase the energy efficiency of your property.

If you fail to become compliant with the legislation, you could face a hefty fine of up to £150,000, and you will no longer be able to let your property, until it achieves the desired E rating or above.

Compliance365 offer an “EPC & Review” service, which is designed to help you achieve compliance with the MEPS legislation.

After completing an EPC survey, we use our unique 3D modelling service which legitimately and significantly reduces the number of F and G rated properties. This software allows us to perform “what if” scenario simulations, completing a detailed analysis of data, accurately calculating the least expensive and easiest upgrades to attain compliance.

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