What is Building Information Modelling?

What is Building Information Modelling?

Have you considered how BIM can help advise on ways to generate a more energy efficient building?

What is Building Information Modelling? 

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is a process which involves generating 3D representations of buildings, in order to manage their physical and functional characteristics. BIM software is used to insert walls, windows, columns and stairs into a building’s design and infrastructure.

The 3D model allows us at Compliance365 to stimulate the building and understand its behavior and how utilities are planned, designed, built and managed. Since the building is already modelled on the system, changes are automatically replicated on floor plans.

Not only does BIM allow for the planning and design phase of a building, it also enables the analysis of the building’s life cycle, supporting various processes such as:

  • Cost Management
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management
  • Facility Operation
  • The 3D models provide quality assurance to the property owner.

How can BIM help you? 

BIM is a resource for information regarding a facilities structure and energy consumption via inputted data collected from a site survey. The software enables our energy technologists to calculate the energy efficiency rating for a building. From this, steps can be advised which will lead to generating a more energy efficient building. This can provide various benefits to organisations, such as a good reputation for being conscious of their energy consumption, money saving opportunities and adding value to a building.

What does C365Cloud offer? 

Our team of energy technologists use the latest BIM software, in order to create complex designs allowing precise analogies to be made, looking into the energy consumption of properties.

Our specialist team, are devoted to helping organisations reduce their operation and management costs, giving professional advice and knowledge.

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