Why you shouldn’t wait till your current EPC expires

Why you shouldn’t wait till your current EPC expires

The way in which EPCs are calculated has changed since the legislation was first introduced in 2008, when was the last time you checked your rating?

Although Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are valid for 10 years as long as no substantial structural changes have been made to the property, it could be beneficial to have a new EPC conducted, especially if you are looking to let your property.

Since the legislation was introduced in 2008, updates and changes have been made to the software used to produce EPCs. If you had an EPC conducted on your property numerous years ago, the rating could now be different, even if you have not made any changes to your property.

Most recently, there have been significant changes made to the SBEM software used to produce EPCs, which saw changes in the carbon factors of electricity. Previously, properties heated by electricity saw less favourable ratings than properties heated by gas. However, due to changes in the software, properties heated by electricity could now see more favourable ratings.

These changes have been made to become more aligned with the UK governments agenda of transitioning to low carbon fuel sources. Which in turn is helping to reduce carbon emissions and become net carbon zero.

By having a new EPC conducted on your property even if your current EPC is still valid, can have numerous benefits including:

Discover if your property has an improved EPC rating

In particular for landlords, if your property has previously had a poor EPC rating meaning it is not compliant with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation, the rating could now have changed if a new EPC was conducted.

From experience, many of our customers who had old EPCs with F and G ratings found that their properties ratings increased when re-surveyed.

Avoid spending money on unnecessary upgrades

If your current EPC is a poor rating and you are thinking about conducting numerous upgrades based on the recommendation report issued with the EPC, you may want to have an up-to-date EPC conducted first.

Has it been numerous years since you received the EPC and accompanying recommendation report? Can you be certain those recommendations are still reflective of the property? We recommend having a new EPC conducted if you have not had an EPC conducted in the last few years to ensure the EPC is a true representation of your property. You never know your rating could have improved.

Ensure your EPC is a true representation of your property

Have you updated the lightbulbs throughout the property? Maybe you’ve upgraded the windows or fitted a new heating system. All this information is used to calculate your properties EPC rating. If you’ve made any of these changes, even though you may not class them as substantial structural changes, they can have an effect on your properties EPC rating.

How can we help?

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