Are businesses ready for a decarbonised future?

Are businesses ready for a decarbonised future?

According to research conducted by Schneider Electric, many businesses are not taking the necessary steps to become energy efficient.  

Schneider Electric conducted a survey which was completed by 236 energy and sustainability professionals representing various organisations. The survey suggests many businesses have a false sense of security, in terms of being prepared for a decentralisation, digitalisation and a decarbonised future.

Although the survey revealed businesses may not be taking the necessary steps to reduce carbon emissions and become energy efficient, it did reveal some positive outcomes. 85% of participants agreed their organisations plan to take action on carbon reduction plans over the next three years and 82% of organisations claim to have made energy efficiency upgrades or plan to do so within the next two years.

Chairman and CEO of Schneider Electric, Jean-Pascal Tricoire said:

“We are in the middle of a massive disruption in the way energy is consumed and produced. Companies need to prepare to be an active energy participant, putting the pieces in place to produce energy and interact with the grid, utilities, peers and other new entrants. Those that fail to act now will be left behind.”

To read the findings of the survey, click here.

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