Are you aware of the ECO+ Scheme?

Are you aware of the ECO+ Scheme?

To provide additional help to UK households, the government are developing an ECO+ fund which will be in addition to the present ECO4 fund.

Due to the rise in the cost of living the UK government is developing a funding scheme, to help homes become more energy efficient and reduce energy bills for households. The funding will potentially benefit households with an EPC rating of a D or lower or those in a low council tax band.

The ECO+ scheme aims to help households that do not already benefit from government funding. Current government funding options under the Help to Heat scheme come to a total of £6.6 billion but with the addition of the ECO+ funding, an extra £1 billion will be available. We have collected some important information about the scheme below:

Is the scheme the same as the ECO4 funding?

No, the scheme is different from the ECO4 scheme. ECO4 is aimed at improving the energy efficiency of homes occupied by low-income and vulnerable households, which is different to the ECO+ scheme. The ECO+ scheme is aimed at households with an EPC rating of a D or lower or those in a low council tax band. The ECO4 scheme will continue to run alongside ECO+ for more information about the ECO4 scheme you can read more information here.

When will the scheme start?

As the scheme has not yet been finalised and is still in the processing stage, the start date has not been published, however, if the government are successful with its bid to release the funding, then changes will likely come into force in April 2023 and run until March 2026.

Are there other schemes available to help households?

Yes, other schemes are available to help households with the rise in energy costs, including Help to Heat schemes. Due to the rise in the cost of heating a home, the UK government has created several schemes to help with the rise in energy costs. The UK government are investing over £12 billion in Help to Heat schemes including:

  • The Boiler Upgrade Scheme
  • Local Authority Delivery Scheme (Sustainable Warmth Competition)
  • Home Upgrade Grant (Sustainable Warmth Competition)
  • Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund
  • Energy Company Obligation (ECO)

You can visit the government’s page here if you require further information about the Help to Heat grants.

How Can Compliance365 help?

As a provider of EPC certificates, we can provide you with an EPC certificate so you can view the current rating of your property and if you meet the requirements for the funding.

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