Are you wanting to reduce your energy consumption in summer?

Are you wanting to reduce your energy consumption in summer?

During the summer months, it can be difficult to know how to reduce energy consumption and reach energy goals below we have provided advice that could help.

We understand that due to the rise in energy bills, reducing energy consumption is a growing concern. Taking an interest in reducing your energy consumption in the summer months could help you reach your energy goals.

Below we have compiled some advice that may reduce your energy consumption:

Changing the settings on your washing machine to wash at a colder temperature.

If your washing machine is an older model, then it may be a high consumer of electricity due to its age. A way to reduce the energy it consumes could be to change the temperature and settings on your machine to wash at a colder temperature i.e., wash at 30° rather than 60°. Even if your machine is newer energy consumption could still be reduced due to the machine needing less energy to heat the water if ran at a lower temperature.

Closing windows, blinds, and curtains.

 A way to reduce the heat entering your house and heating up rooms is to close windows, blinds, and curtains. The temperature could be reduced due to the shade created by the closing of windows, blinds, and curtains. Once a room is cooler the need to turn on high-consuming energy units such as ceiling fans or air conditioning could be reduced due to the room already being a cooler temperature.

Changing your light bulbs.

If you switch out your bulbs for less energy-consuming ones such as LEDs, you may see a reduction in heat and energy waste. LEDs tend to have a better energy efficiency rating and use less electricity.

How Can We Help?

If you want to find out exactly how you can reduce your energy consumption, we can offer bespoke reports for your individual property. We can also offer bespoke advice and guidance on an individual basis about reducing energy consumption.

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