BT sets 87% carbon reduction target

BT sets 87% carbon reduction target

After reaching their 2020 carbon reduction target four years early, BT sets a new target to reach by 2030.

In 2008 BT set themselves a target by 2020 of reducing their carbon emissions by 80%. This was set against a 1996 baseline and has been achieved four years early. Working alongside the Science-Based Targets Initiative BT have now set themselves a new target of an 87% reduction by 2030. This puts them in alignment with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming by 1.5°C.

BT’s chief sustainability officer, Niall Dunne said:

“The role that technology can play in creating a more resource efficient world is both profound and exciting. The benefits of leading climate action extend to our customers, suppliers and people. Our commitment to this 1.5°C target will help create partnerships and coalitions that continue the unstoppable momentum enabled by the Paris agreement.”

To meet this target, BT will pursue innovative ways to decrease its dependency on fossil fuels, such as adopting low carbon vehicles into their fleet and decreasing the carbon intensity of their buildings.

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