Could decarbonising your property portfolio benefit you?

Could decarbonising your property portfolio benefit you?

As the UK government have a goal of becoming Net Zero by 2050, local authorities have a responsibility to improve the areas they manage, lowering carbon emissions and relying less on fossil fuels to heat public buildings.

A way to decarbonise your property stock is through Heat Decarbonisation Plans (HDP), which may allow you to meet your energy goals more quickly. An HDP outlines how a business is planning to reduce its reliance on Fossil Fuelled heating systems, through the installation of low-carbon alternatives such as Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps. An HDP is also intended to assist organisations to work towards their Net Zero Carbon Targets.

Not only will decarbonising help the government reach its Net Zero goal, but organisations can benefit from reducing carbon emissions which in turn may improve the local area. Organisations can benefit in numerous ways such as:

Strengthening relationships within the local area

Collaboration may make Heat Decarbonisation easier to achieve, local authorities may already be able to collaborate with the local community due to existing relationships. If they share common goals, organisations with pre-existing relationships with local authorities may be more willing to help in the implementation of HDP than organisations without pre-existing relationships.

Aligning decarbonisation goals with business goals

With the rise in energy and fuel prices and overall running costs, organisations are looking for ways to make their budgets stretch further. By developing HDP, organisations can benefit from identifying opportunities to make substantial savings on energy bills as well as putting plans in place to minimise the CO2 emissions organisations produce.

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