Could you benefit from an Energy Audit?

Could you benefit from an Energy Audit?

Are you wanting to know how to make your home more energy-efficient and how to reduce its environmental impact?

Although Compliance365 offers a number of energy consultancy services, an Energy Audit is one of our most in-depth reports. An Energy Audit can offer more thorough information on how energy-efficient a building is and identify areas of high energy consumption.

The main aim of an energy audit is to underline the potential behavioural changes that will reduce a property’s energy consumption. From these reports, energy savings can then be calculated alongside budgetary costs and the payback period.

Although carrying out an energy audit on a property is not a legal requirement, there can be numerous benefits to you including:

Providing an accurate picture of how energy efficient your property is

When completing an energy audit, we follow a methodology that includes conducting a detailed property survey. This allows us to identify the current state of the property and how energy is currently consumed, along with the property’s efficiency.

Our established methodology allows our energy consultants to capture and document the building features precisely, enabling the most accurate analysis. Through completing this survey, we identify the best energy-saving opportunities available to that property.

Receiving tailored recommendations for your property

You may be wondering how recommendations from an Energy Audit differ from recommendations found in EPCs and DECs. Recommendations found within EPCs and DECs are generic whereas Energy audits are tailored bespoke to the property and will include more specific recommendations.

Recommendations within Energy Audits include estimated annual savings, the payback years, and the approximate cost of carrying out the recommendations.

You may see a reduction in energy bills

If you were to undertake the recommendations from an energy audit then you may see a reduction in your energy bills.

How can we help?

If you would like more information about our energy audits or have any questions about our energy-audit services, you can get in touch with our experienced team on 01924 669940 or send us an email at