Discover How Energy Efficient Your Property Can Be With In-Depth Audits

Discover How Energy Efficient Your Property Can Be With In-Depth Audits

Does your property have an inefficient EPC rating or is a high consumerAre you looking for ways to improve its efficiency but not sure where to start? 


Compliance365 offer a range of different energy audits bespoke to each property. Our energy audits are more detailed than your average MEPS review. The main aim of an energy audit is to underline the potential changes that will reduce a properties energy consumption. From these identified changes, energy savings can be calculated alongside budgetary costs and payback periods.

Our Energy and Carbon Consultants will conduct an in-depth property survey to understand the current state of the building, how energy is currently consumed along with the property’s efficiency. This then allows us to identify energy saving technologies and behaviours that can reduce a property’s consumption and carbon footprint along with its utility costs.

When producing energy audits, we request 12 months billing data to enable us to baseline our scenario models and review the billing charges and consumption profile.  Billing reviews include elements such as DuoS charges and unit rates, reporting on ways to both reduce your consumption and your monthly spend. DUoS charges are part of your overall electricity bill and includes both a fixed charge and a variable charge that applies to every kWh consumed. The rate per kWh is dependent on the time of consumption over a 24-hour period and location in the country. DUoS covers the cost of installing and maintaining local electricity distribution networks, which transport electricity from the National Grid to your business. Being aware of your energy profile and making a considerable effort to reduce your energy consumption within high rate periods can have a significant impact on your energy bill.

Energy and Carbon Audits provide our customers with recommendations on energy efficient upgrades they could implement within their properties to help improve the energy efficiency and reduce its carbon emissions. Compliance365 will also ensure the upgrades suggested won’t affect the ambience and aesthetics of properties, so there’s minimum impact on customer trading and staff.

Compliance365’s cost effective energy audits are in depth and accurate. They are carried out by our experienced consultants, who are committed to providing the best possible independent service. Our established methodology allows our energy consultants to capture and document the buildings features precisely, enabling the most accurate analysis, resulting in the provision of the best energy saving opportunities to our clients.

Our team is committed to providing all our clients with the best cost saving opportunities and service, signified by our high customer retention rate amongst our extensive client base. We are also an independent advisor who is not tied to a particular brand or product, ensuring the focus is on reducing your energy spend and carbon footprint.

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