Do you know what information is required to be included in your ESOS submission?

Do you know what information is required to be included in your ESOS submission?

Even though the ESOS Phase 3 compliance date is not until December 2023, you can start to prepare your submission now.

Since 2014, the ESOS scheme has mandated almost 10,000 UK-based organizations with auditing their estates and identifying potential energy-saving opportunities.

While the legislation has been in effect for 8 years and we are currently in Phase 3 of ESOS submissions, we are aware of the significant work that must be done to comply with it.

ESOS audits look at an organisation’s current methods for measuring and managing energy consumption as well as any quality management systems or policies to identify cost-effective energy-saving measures. The energy consumption of a company’s facilities, industrial processes, and transportation are all assessed as part of an ESOS audit.

To help you gain a better understanding of ESOS audits, we have gathered the requirements below:

Calculating your total energy consumption.

An initial estimate of total energy consumption covering energy used in buildings, transportation, and industrial processes must be included and begin no earlier than 12 months before the commencement of the compliance period.

Once areas of significant energy consumption have been identified, equating to at least 90% of their total consumption, a more detailed audit of those areas can be conducted to establish where energy savings could be made. Types of energy audits to be conducted include individual energy audits on the property portfolio, fleet, and industrial processes.

Site visits

Organisations are required to have site visits carried out on a number of sites to collect and analyze data for all areas of significant energy consumption.

Your appointed lead assessor will help to decide which sites are suitable for sampling that best reflect the energy consumption patterns. The ESOS legislation does not include which sites should be visited; it is the responsibility of the lead assessor and the organisation to determine which sites are used.

Appointing a Lead Assessor

To have a successful ESOS submission process, a Lead Assessor must sign off on your submission.

Lead Assessors are required to be registered with an approved professional body such as Stroma. to view a list of approved registers of ESOS lead assessors click here.

At Compliance365, we have a team of Lead Assessors that can help you carry out and review your ESOS submission ahead of the Phase 3 deadline.

Send a formal notification to the Environment Agency, the scheme’s 

administrator (EA). 

Send a formal notification to the Environment Agency, the scheme’s administrator (EA).

An organisation is required to submit proof of their eligibility to take part in the scheme, along with any supporting records that detail your organisation’s compliance.

At this point, you are not required to submit energy data.

You must be as accurate as you can with your submission. If you have entered information incorrectly then send an E-mail to with the original submission date, the Companies House registration number (if applicable), and the name of the organisation.

How can Compliance365 help you with your Phase 3 ESOS submission?

We can provide tailored solutions for your organization to ensure you fulfil the ESOS criteria.

Compliance365 can also help with the upcoming changes to ESOS due to the government declaring its intent to make changes to current ESOS legislation.  If the changes are accepted after going through the parliamentary process, they will come into force before the December 5, 2023, Phase 3 compliance deadline. You can read more here.

As well as helping you with upcoming changes to the ESOS scheme, we can help guide you through the UK’s proposed changes to Phase 4, which you can read about here.

To speak to a member of our team about ESOS or to secure your lead assessor, call 01924 669940 or e-mail for help.