Does Your Property Have A Valid Display Energy Certificate?

Does Your Property Have A Valid Display Energy Certificate?

Do you occupy a public property? Does your property have a valid Display Energy Certificate? It is vital to ensure that a valid Display Energy Certificate (DEC) is present in all applicable buildings to avoid hefty fines.

A Display Energy Certificate presents the energy performance of a building, based on the operational rating. This in on a graphical scale from A (very efficient) to G (least efficient). A DEC must also be accompanied by a Recommendation Report (RR) which outlines how the organisation can reduce their energy consumption.

A DEC will be required if:

  • The building is frequently visited by the public
  • The building is publicly funded
  • The building has a total floor area of over 250sqm

DECs were introduced to help improve the energy efficiency of buildings to inform visitors about a building’s energy usage. The energy efficiency rating provided by the DEC allows Compliance365 to make recommendations to you that should improve your building’s energy efficiency. Our team of energy consultants can advise you on how you can maximise your energy efficiency. The penalty for failure to display a DEC is £500 and a further £1000 for failure to obtain a Recommendation Report.

Compliance365 has experience in providing DECs, supplying circa 3,000 per year on average, across avariety of sectors throughout the UK such as the NHS, Schools, Universities and Councils. We are committed to maintaining Covid-19 safe working practices in-line with UK Government guidelines.

We manage each company’s portfolio on our unique cloud system, which automatically notifies us when a company’s DEC is due to expire, enabling us to send reminders ensuring you stay compliant with the legislation.

Our Energy and Carbon Consultants are fully accredited to produce DECs and Recommendation Reports, making recommendations specific to your building. Recommendations suggest how  you could improve the energy efficiency of your building and reduce your carbon emissions.

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