Energy Saving Tips for Working From Home

Energy Saving Tips for Working From Home

With many of us working from home you’ll probably find you are consuming more energy. Here at Compliance365, we have put together some energy saving tips to help ensure energy consumption can be kept to a minimum.

Enjoy the natural light!

Ensure all curtains and blinds are open throughout the daylight hours so you benefit of heating and lighting from the natural sunlight. This will allow you to reduce the length of time heating and lighting has to be turned on within your household.

Grab a jumper and a blanket

To prevent turning the heating on if you are cold, put on extra layers of clothing and use a blanket if needed to keep yourself warm.

Remember to turn your devices OFF

Remember to turn your devices off and unplug them when they are no longer required at the end of the day. Do not leave your devices on stand-by as this is using unnecessary energy and your electricity bill will be increased! These devices include:

  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Desktops
  • Phone chargers

Turn your energy saving settings on

Many devices, such as your Laptop, have energy saving settings. Ensure these settings are turned on.

Only Boil the Kettle with the Amount of Water You Need

Most people have a hot drink or two throughout the day and this requires energy. 2 out of 3 of us boil far more water then we need. Don’t over fill the kettle, your wasting time and energy.

Why not draw a line on the kettle to show how much water you need to fill up your favourite mug – that way you will never boiler too much water again!