ESOS Phase 2 Act Now – Avoid Fines

ESOS Phase 2 Act Now – Avoid Fines

Phase 2 of ESOS may have passed, but that does not mean it is too late for organisations who have not complied to avoid receiving a hefty fine if they act now.


The Environmental Agency have started to issue letters to those organisations who have failed to comply with Phase 2 of ESOS prior to the deadline which was 5th December 2019.

What is ESOS?

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for around 10,000 large organisations in the UK, carried out every four years. It requires energy data for buildings, transport and industrial processes over a 12-month period.

How Do You Know If Your Organisation Must Comply?

ESOS applies to all large organisations in the UK with over 250 employees or has a turnover of £38,937,777 and a balance sheet exceeding £33,486,489. ESOS mainly affects businesses but it can apply to non-profit organisations if they are large enough to meet the criteria.

What Must You Do to Comply?

You must submit your organisational structure, your total energy consumption for 12 months, individual energy audits on your property portfolio, fleet & industrial processes and an evidence pack, allowing the environment agency to audit your submission. This must be signed off by a Lead Assessor.

Why Act Now?

You may be thinking, its over a year since the deadline passed and you have not received a fine so your ok, however this will not be the case. Companies who do not comply will receive a hefty fine of up to £50,000 as compliance with ESOS is a legal requirement. Non-compliant companies’ penalties are also published online which may be detrimental to your reputation.

Let Us Help You

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