Everything you need to know about ESOS Part 2

Everything you need to know about ESOS Part 2

Our frequently asked questions blog on ESOS was highly rated, so we have answered more of your questions, to ensure you know how to become compliant with the legislation.

Does ESOS only affect large organisations? We are an SME but belong to a corporate group.

In some cases, SMEs will be required to comply with ESOS. If you are part of corporate group that contains at least one organisation who qualifies for ESOS, then all organisations under that group will have to comply with the legislation irrespective of size.

Do I have to notify the Environment Agency before the qualification date?

No, participants are only required to notify the Environment Agency that they have complied with the ESOS legislation by the compliance date of each phase.

What types of energy use does ESOS cover?

ESOS covers energy used in buildings, transport and industrial processes.

Are there any exemptions from the legislation?

Yes, there are exemptions from the legislation. If your organisation is ISO50001 accredited for your full UK operation, then you are considered to be compliant with ESOS already. If only part of your organisation is ISO50001 accredited, you will not be exempt and you will need to comply with ESOS.

What are the benefits for complying with ESOS?

It has been reported that organisations will see a 20% average cost reduction through the implementation of energy saving measures. If you fall within the criteria of ESOS but fail to comply you could receive a fine of up to £50,000.

Why should I start my audits now when the Phase 2 compliance date isn’t until 5th December 2019?

Phase one of ESOS found many companies struggling to find an ESOS Lead Assessor, due to leaving it too late to become compliant. By getting ahead of the game and starting your energy audits for Phase 2 early, you can safeguard that you will find an ESOS Lead Assessor, ensuring you become compliant in time for the deadline.

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