Greenest summer for UK energy

Greenest summer for UK energy

According to the National Grid, more than half of the UK’s electricity came from low carbon sources this summer.

Analysis of power generation conducted by the National Grid, revealed that a combination of solar, wind and nuclear pushed carbon emissions to their lowest level, setting new record for clean energy within the UK.

Between 21st June and 22nd September 2017, 52% of UK electricity generation was produced by low carbon sources, in comparison to 35% four years ago, making it the greenest summer on record.

Director of the System at National Grid, Duncan Burt said:

“It’s been a summer of records. The big fundamental shift has been the continuing growth in offshore wind and solar coming on. We’ve gone from renewables being a part of the mix to often being a significant, majority part of the mix.”

To further reduce carbon emissions, the National Grid are working with the Environmental Defence Fund Europe and WWF to create a software which can forecast the carbon intensity of electricity generation up to two days in advance.

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