Have you started your energy audits for ESOS compliance?

Have you started your energy audits for ESOS compliance?

Phase 2 of the Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme has started, participants who expect to qualify for Phase 2 should intend on beginning their energy audits as early as possible to ensure they are fully compliant by the deadline.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy provided advice on what participants can do to start preparing for Phase 2:

What you can do now:
  • Carry out ESOS energy audits for the supplies you intend to include in your significant energy consumption.
What you cannot do yet:
  • Definitively determine your qualification status
  • Calculate your total energy consumption
  • Definitively select your areas of significant energy consumption

Your ESOS report must include at least one year’s energy consumption, covering the qualification date, 31st December 2018. Your audit must not include any data which has already been used for an audit in Phase 1.

Unsure if you qualify for ESOS compliance? Click here to take our qualification questionnaire, and one of our Lead Assessors will notify you if you need to comply with ESOS!

Compliance365’s Lead ESOS Energy Assessors can help you to comply with ESOS. We can provide a cost-effective solution to ESOS compliance based on your business requirements; this may include;

  • A calculation on De Minimis
  • Display Energy Certificate’s
  • Energy Audit
  • Fleet Assessment
  • Analysis of billing data
  • Recommendation Report and Outcomes
  • Evidence Pack
  • Assistance with your ESOS submission
  • Tracking of future investments

To find out more information on  ESOS click here, and to find out more information about how we can help you to become compliant, click here or email sales@compliance365.co.uk