Helping Higher Education to Comply with Energy Legislations!

Helping Higher Education to Comply with Energy Legislations!

It is important your institution is compliant with various energy legislations to become more energy efficient.

Higher Educational Institutions are required to comply with numerous energy legislations such as DEC’s and Air Conditioning (TM44) Inspections. More recently, Higher Education Institutions have been challenged to make a conscious effort to meet the UK Governments’ target of producing net-zero emissions the Climate Commission for UK Higher and Further Education was established, which aims to develop a road map to help tackle carbon emissions across the sector.

At Compliance365, we have a plethora of experience with helping Higher Education Institutions become compliant with energy legislation, providing you with a one-stop-shop for all your energy certification requirements.

We offer solutions including:

Display Energy Certificate’s (DECs)

A Display Energy Certificate (DEC) was introduced to help monitor the energy efficiency of a building and to inform visitors about a building’s energy use.

A DEC is a legal requirement if the building is frequently visited by the public, if the building has a total floor area of over 250m2 or if the building is occupied by a local authority.

Air Conditioning (TM44)

Under the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), air conditioning inspections are a legal requirement for air conditioning systems with an effective rated output greater than 12KW. This will include systems consisting of individual units which are less than 12kW but whose combined effective rated output is more than 12kW. Air conditioning units must be inspected every 5 years, if your air conditioning unit is not inspected every 5 years, you may be fined £300 per air con unit.

Road to NetZero

After advice from the UK’s Committee on Climate Change in 2019, the UK government became the first country to aim towards a target of Net Zero emissions by 2050.

Compliance365 can help your institution take the next steps by advising you on how to become more energy-efficient and help you on your journey towards the Road to NetZero as set out by the UK Higher and Further Education Road Map.

To help organisations effectively manage their energy compliance, Compliance365 has developed a module through our C365Cloud software. C365Cloud aids in the delivery, storage, and management of all outputs and any KPI/SLA (progress) report data at agreed frequencies and to specified timescales.

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