New clean growth strategy announced

New clean growth strategy announced

The government have released a new clean growth strategy to cut the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The clean growth strategy states ‘£2.5 billion will be invested by the government to support low carbon innovation from 2015 -2021. More broadly, the National Productivity Investment Fund will provide an additional £4.7 billion, with an extra £2 billion a year by 2020-21, representing the largest increase in public spending on UK science, research and innovation since 1979’.

Outlying the governments key policies and proposals the strategy purposes to help reduce UK emissions;

  • The strategy states that they aim to consult on improving the energy efficiency of new and existing commercial buildings, as well as raising the minimum standards of energy efficiency for rented commercial buildings.
  • Around £3.6 billion will be invested to upgrade a million homes through Energy Companies Obligation (ECO).
  • By 2030 the government aspires to upgrade all fuel poor homes and as many privately rented properties as possible, to an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of a C. By 2035 where cost-effective, practical and affordable their aim is to upgrade as many properties as possible to a EPC rating of C.
  • Over the same time period, the government intends to consult on how social housing can meet similar standards.
  • A further £4.5 billion will be spent to support innovative low carbon heat technologies in homes and businesses between 2016 and 2021, by reforming the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Two new £10 million innovation programmes will be established to develop new energy efficiency and heating technologies to permit lower cost low carbon homes.
  • Tighter targets will be agreed by 2020 for central government and actions to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions beyond 2020. A voluntary public-sector target of reducing carbon emissions by 30% by 2020-21. £255 million of funder for energy efficiency improvements in England will be provided to help public bodies access sources of funding.

To read the governments clean growth strategy, click here.

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