New UK energy efficient plan needed

New UK energy efficient plan needed

In order to meet the Government’s target of reducing carbon emissions by 2050, a new energy efficiency policy is needed.

Previous Government energy efficiency policies have failed to keep on track with its carbon targets of reducing emissions by 80%, with numerous energy efficiency schemes closing in recent years. This includes the Green Deal which provided loans to help homeowners improve the efficiency of their properties.

According to the Governments own predictions, emissions generated by homes are in line for a 10% increase by 2035, under the current set of policies.

Frontier Economics have developed a set of proposals to put the UK’s energy efficiency efforts back on track. The proposals include a public investment program to incentivise improvements to householders’ energy performance as well as a new regulation.

The proposal suggests that all UK homes would be required to meet the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) by 2035. The long-term suggestion also proposes the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard could be lowered to a C rating rather than the current E rating.

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