Non-compliance with MEPS may cost £1bn extra in energy bills

Non-compliance with MEPS may cost £1bn extra in energy bills

A legal loophole means landlords can become exempt from complying with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards, costing tenants more in energy bills

According to 10:10, a climate change charity, tenants in the UK who live in draughty homes risk paying £1bn extra in energy bills, due to landlords being let off the hook.

From April 2018, new legislation known as the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS), will make it illegal for landlords to let properties with an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of F or G.

Campaigners have argued that exemptions from the MEPS legislation will result in many homes not being upgraded. If all landlords who apply for an exemption succeed, tenants will collectively pay £1bn extra for energy over the next five years, said climate change charity 10:10.

Emma Kemp, a campaigner at 10:10 said:

“Rather than letting landlords off the hook, the government should be backing tenants by closing the loophole and capping the cost for landlords instead to ensure fairness to all concerned.”

Landlords cannot apply for an exemption if they haven’t reviewed how they can increase their properties EPC rating and understand the cost implications of achieving a higher rating. if the upgrades to their property would present a net cost to them and they cannot access funding through the governments energy efficiency schemes, then landlords can apply for an exemption.

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