Non-domestic rented buildings will need to meet EPC band B by 2030

Non-domestic rented buildings will need to meet EPC band B by 2030

The UK Government have confirmed that by 2030, all non-domestic rented buildings will need to meet EPC band B.


Implementation of New EPC Band

In 2019, the Government published a consultation on how best to improve the energy performance of non-domestic privately rented buildings through tighter minimum energy standards. The target of reaching EPC band B by 2030 was met with great support, leading to the Government now consulting on the framework to implement this new requirement and improve the compliance and enforcement process.

This target is said to have the potential to deliver  savings of up to 10.3TWh in energy by 2030, and 4.1MtCO2e of carbon (non-traded) over Carbon Budget (2028-2032).

This is an important step to reach the UK Government’s aim to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. Tackling emissions generated by building stock is crucial, as according to the BEIS, they make up 31% of the UK’s emissions.

The Government Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has since released a new consultation which aims to propose improvements to the implementation and enforcement process of the new EPC Band B requirement.


What Are the Next Steps?

The Government aim to publish their response later this year, with the consultation officially closing in June 2021.

Regulations will then be proposed to amend the PRS regulations, with these amendments to come into force officially from 1st April 2025.


How Can We Help?

At Compliance365, we can help you take the necessary steps towards compliance and reducing your carbon emissions. We:

  • Provide advice on the legislation and the implications for both the Landlord and the occupier.
  • Assess the Energy Efficiency of a building, by producing an Energy Performance certificate (EPC).
  • Produce an EPC Review on an EPC carried out by ourselves. This report proposes upgrades that could be made to the property, detailing the improved energy rating, cost, kWh and CO2 savings (Scenario Analysis).
  • Provide budgetary costs for the upgrades we propose, helping companies to determine their next step towards compliance.
  • Support you through the installation, awarding a new compliant certificate upon project completion


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