Prepare Your Organisation For The Next MEES Milestone

Prepare Your Organisation For The Next MEES Milestone

The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) legislation now requires EPCs to be at a level C in 2027 and B by 2030.


The UK Government has released a consultation on raising MEES requirements in non-domestic properties that are rented. Landlords now have 6 years to ensure their properties have an EPC C, with failure to comply leading to extensive fines. These changes come as the UK Government continues in their aim to bring all Greenhouse Gases to net zero by 2050, with a 57% reduction in carbon emissions across the UK economy by 2032.

Currently, the MEES legislation makes it unlawful for a landlord to grant a new tenancy or extend an existing tenancy of a property that has an EPC rating of F or G, with this extending to existing tenancies from April 2023 for commercial property.

There will be a phased implementation of the 2027 and 2030 changes, which will be based on two-year compliance windows. Landlords will be required to present a valid EPC two years before the enforcement date for each EPC target, which the consultation states is a notable change.

First Compliance Window: EPC C (2025-2027):

  • 1 April 2025: landlords of all non-domestic rented buildings within the scope of MEES must present a valid EPC.
  • 1 April 2027: all non-domestic rented buildings must have improved the building to EPC ≥ C, or registered a valid exemption.

Second Compliance Window: EPC B (2028-2030):

  • 1 April 2028: landlords of all non-domestic rented buildings within the scope of MEES must present a valid EPC.
  • 1 April 2030: all non-domestic rented buildings must have improved the building to EPC ≥ B, or registered a valid exemption.

We recommend organisations start improving their EPC ratings now by making energy efficient improvements to be prepared for the changes. Starting now will be most cost effective in the long-term and you won’t have to make all the improvements in a short space of time.

Compliance365 can help you take the necessary steps towards compliance ahead of the approaching deadline. We:

  • Provide advice on the legislation and the implications for both the Landlord and the occupier.
  • Assess the Energy Efficiency of a building, by producing an Energy Performance certificate (EPC).
  • Produce an EPC Review on an EPC carried out by ourselves. This report proposes cost-effective upgrades that could be made to the property, detailing the improved energy rating, cost, kWh and CO2 savings (Scenario Analysis).
  • Provide budgetary costs for the upgrades we propose, helping companies to determine their next step towards compliance.
  • Support you through the installation, awarding a new compliant certificate upon project completion or assist with listing an exemption to the PRS register for those properties unable to attain the minimum rating.

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