Renters over-paying on their energy bills

Renters over-paying on their energy bills

Renters are paying extra on their energy bills due to poor energy efficiency, landlords need to improve homes to ensure compliance with the MEPS legislation

According to a new study conducted by insurance firm AXA, renters are collectively paying £13million extra a month on energy bills due to inefficient homes.

AXA found more than 200,000 homes cause an “excess cold hazard” to tenants, which could result in them being non-compliant with the new Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) legislation.

From April 2018, landlords who want to sell or let their properties will be required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of an E or above, in order to comply with the MEPS legislation.

The study found that the average monthly energy bill for properties with an F or G EPC rating is £112 – compared to £61 for properties with an EPC rating of an A.

Compliance365 can help you to become compliant with the MEPS legislation in good time before the deadline approaches. We will provide advice and guidance on the legislation and what implications there are for property owners, providing recommendations on how you can improve the efficiency of your home, to achieve an E or above rating.

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