Sainsbury’s to introduce a new energy efficient technology

Sainsbury’s to introduce a new energy efficient technology

Implementing a Formula 1 enthused technology, Sainsbury’s aim to diminish their energy consumption by up to 15%


Working with the Williams F1 team, Sainsbury’s will install aerofoil systems to improve the energy efficiency of their fridges across their entire UK estate. Sainsbury’s expect to see a 44 million kWh reduction in energy each year, which is the equivalent to 320 million kettles being boiled.

Sainsbury’s Head of Sustainability, Paul Crewe said:

“By keeping the air cold in our fridges using this technology, we’ll see an energy reduction of up to 15%, which when multiplies across all our stores, is a significant amount of energy saved.”

Aerofoil technology works by preventing cold air generated by the fridges spilling out into the aisle, by routing it directly back into the fridge unit, which could make the refrigerated aisles up to 4 degrees warmer.

Paul Crewe also said:

“By looking outside of our industry and borrowing technology from an industry that is renowned for its speed and efficiency, we are accelerating how we are reducing the impact on the environment whilst making shopping in Sainsbury’s stores a more comfortable experience.”

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