Steps You Can Take to Help the Environment

Steps You Can Take to Help the Environment

If you hadn’t guessed – we are all for promoting awareness when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint and taking action to help protect the environment – Come on let’s do this for the Earth,  after all, it’s the only one we’ve got. 

We’ve put together some actions you can take to help the environment both at home and at work. By making some small changes you can easily reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint:


Cycle, walk or carshare

Do you live within cycling/walking distance of work, but drive or take public transport? Why not dust off your bike or take a walk and enjoy the fresh air on your way to work.

Does a colleague live round the corner or do you pass near there house on your route? Although this may not be for right now (It’s very difficult to keep two meters apart in a car), when we’re back to being a bit more “normal” – Why not share a lift – this way there would be less cars on the road and less people using up the parking spaces outside your office!


Turn lights OFF in areas with plenty of light

Ensure all curtains and blinds are open throughout the daylight hours so you can benefit from the natural sunlight. Also remember to turn lights off when you leave a room if the room is empty – although it may be entertaining to leave your other half in the dark.


Reduce the time your heating is turned on

Benefit from the heat from the lovely natural sunlight we’ve been having by making sure all curtains and blinds are open throughout the daylight hours. This will allow you to reduce the length of time heating has to be turned on within your household.


Turn your thermostat down

By turning your thermostat down by just 1°C can help to reduce your energy consumption and save you money on your energy bills each year! Who knew it was that easy!


Avoid using a dryer

Dryers can be a high consumer of energy, with all the lovely warm weather we’ve been having recently, why not make the most of the sunshine and hang your clothes out to dry. Plus who doesn’t love the smell of washing that’s dried on the line



Remember to turn your devices OFF

Remember to turn your devices off and unplug them when they are no longer required at the end of the day. Do not leave your devices on stand-by as this is using unnecessary energy!

These devices include:

  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • Desktops
  • Phone chargers


Turn your energy saving settings on

Many devices, such as your Laptop, have energy saving settings. Ensure these settings are turned on.