Take Measures To Become An Energy Conscious Organisation

Take Measures To Become An Energy Conscious Organisation

Now Covid-19 restrictions are beginning to reduce, more offices and business are able to re-open. Is your business aware of how to become energy efficient? 


Here at Compliance365, we are constantly looking for ways to not only reduce our own energy consumption and carbon emissions, but those of our customers too. We offer various energy saving solutions to our customers, based upon a variety of technologies.

We’re sure many organisations have seen a reduction in their energy consumption and carbon emissions over the past year, however with more employees allowed to return to the office, how can you ensure you’re keeping your energy usage and carbon emissions low which can help you to save  on expensive energy bills.


Ensure individuals use energy saving modes on PC’s and use the sleep or hibernation function when you leave your desk for a while to reduce energy consumption. Leaving your PC on standby will use unnecessary energy that will increase your electrical bills.

It is also important to make sure that your laptop isn’t plugged into a charger constantly, only use the charger when necessary to reduce the amount of wasted energy.


As the mornings and evenings are getting brighter, ensure all blinds are open throughout the day to make the most natural daylight.

To be more energy efficient in the long-term, switch the office’s lighting to LEDs, a most cost-effective option for lighting. Another option for the office is to install light sensors, as they ensure all lights are switched off in a room when nobody is there.


As we are entering the warm summer months, if the office is too warm, open windows rather than switching the air conditioning on. Not only will this reduce energy consumption, your office will be well ventilated and reduce the risk of Covid-19 spreading.


Ensure that all kitchen appliances are switched off when not in use, especially if your business isn’t heading back into the office full time yet.

With more people working from home, make sure the kettle isn’t overfilled and it will waste energy and increase electricity bills.

Compliance365 offer a range of services that can help organisations become more energy conscious. We provide bespoke Energy Audits to identity areas of high energy consumption and how this can be reduced.


As part of our ongoing commitment to help organisations become more energy efficient, we also offer behavioural training programmes for businesses to help them become an Energy Conscious Organisation. This is achieved by educating staff and nominating energy champions, changing their day to day habits, resulting in a reduction in energy spend and carbon emissions.

To find out more about how we can assist your organisation, get in touch with our friendly team today to find out how we can help you.

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