UK leading G20 in decarbonisation

UK leading G20 in decarbonisation

The UK is decarbonising its economy at a faster rate than any other country in the G20, according to analysis by PwC.

A report published by PwC has revealed that the carbon intensity of the UK’s economy decreased by 7.7% in 2016, reaching an intensity of 142 tonnes of CO2 for every US$1 million of gross domestic product (GDP).

PwC’s report also reveals that the UK is decarbonising three times faster than the global average which is 2.6%.

Claire Perry, Climate Change Minister said:

“This report confirms the UK is leading the world in the fight against climate change and highlights the results of our efforts to phase out dirty coal power while investing in renewable technologies and energy efficiency. The government recognises there is still work to do. The upcoming clean growth plan will outline our ambitious plan for reducing emissions in key sectors, while taking advantage of opportunities to grow the economy throughout the 2020s.”

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