Ways to reduce energy consumption in the colder months.

Ways to reduce energy consumption in the colder months.

Now that the colder weather is here once again, we understand the need to turn the heating up, which in turn may increase your energy bills and in the current climate, this is something we are all wanting to avoid.

Below we have listed some top tips that may help you to reduce your energy consumption and potentially reduce your energy bills:

Give your boiler a check-up

By having your boiler serviced regularly, you could benefit from early detection of faults which could lead to better energy efficiency, as well as saving you money on your energy bills further down the line.

Have the fireplace in your home cleaned

During the colder months, using the fireplace to heat your home can create a cosy feel but can also increase your energy bills. Having your fireplace professionally cleaned may help increase energy efficiency and lower your heating bills, due to finding blockages within the system and removing them.

Change the heating settings throughout your home

If you have areas of your home that you use less frequently, such as a guest bedroom or a storage room, changing the heating settings in these rooms may help you save money on your energy bills. Changing the heating settings allows you to control where the heat is produced in your home, ensuring that less-used rooms are not.

As well as changing the heating settings in the rooms around your home, turning down the thermostatic value on radiators to a lower setting can also help you control the temperature within your home.

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