We Can Help Your Organisation on Your Road to Net-Zero!

We Can Help Your Organisation on Your Road to Net-Zero!

Organisations face the challenge of reducing their carbon emissions and meeting the government’s target of Net-Zero by 2050.

After advice from the UK’s Committee on Climate Change in 2019, the UK government became the first country to aim towards a target of Net-Zero emissions by 2050.

Net-Zero refers to reaching a balance between greenhouse gas emissions emitted and greenhouse gas emissions removed from the atmosphere. Net-Zero is reached when the amount of CO2 we add is no more than the amount CO2 removed. It is recommended that organisations create a road map to understand what steps need to be taken to reach Net-Zero.

We can help your organisation take the next steps towards Net-Zero by advising you on how to become more energy-efficient, helping you on your journey towards Net-Zero as set out by the UK government.

Reaching Net-Zero emissions can have numerous benefits for your organisations including:

1. Reducing Energy Bills

By identifying large consumers of energy, organisations can identify areas in which they can make changes to reduce energy consumption. By making changes to large consumers, organisations may see a reduction in energy bills and lower their carbon emissions.

2. Reduce Carbon Emissions and Improve CSR

Reaching Net-Zero can help organisations reduce their carbon emissions and identify opportunities for improvement within their supply chain and generate a more positive public opinion of their organisation.

3. Help Towards Complying with MEPS Milestones

The Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) also referred to as The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) is legislation that has made it unlawful to let residential or commercial properties with an EPC rating of F or G.

The Government has introduced new MEPS milestones which require landlords to improve their property to at least a C rating by 1st April 2027 and subsequently make sure that by 1st April 2030 the property has an EPC rating of B. By starting on a road to Net-Zero, organisations can also take steps to look at how they can improve their properties EPCs, helping them towards becoming compliant with MEPS legislation.

How Can We Help?

Compliance365’s team of energy and carbon consultants can help your organisation to produce a road map for achieving net-zero carbon emissions, helping the UK government to reach its goal of an 80% reduction by 2050.

Get in touch today to find out more about how we can help you. Call us on 01924 669940 or send us an email to sales@compliance365.co.uk